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Em I just love all the things you recommended. I can't wait to try all these oils in my diffuser.

Your store sounds amazing guys! Well done on being trail blazers and creating a beautiful sanctuary to shop in!

My order arrived and everything is just perfect. Love that I can shop online and get all my favourites in one order. Thank you

Succulent Kiss

Living Gift Store

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Welcome to our Conscious Living Store

We advocate for a sustainable approach for the benefit of our planet and its people!

We're thrilled to be bringing a curated selection of eco-friendly and wellness-focused products to our community.

Our focus is on stocking beautiful and ethically-sourced clothing, thoughtful giftware, sustainable home supplies and essential oils for well-being.

We're currently seeking brands that resonate with our values of conscious living. 

We prioritize products that are:

Environmentally friendly: Made with sustainable and recycled materials, and with minimal environmental impact.

Ethically sourced: Produced with fair labor practices and respect for people and the planet.

High-quality and beautiful: We offer products that are not only good for the world but also a joy to own and use.

Promote well-being: Encouraging a mindful and healthy lifestyle.

Workshops & Classes

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Well hello there beautiful people!

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Inner Temple Co + Succulent Kiss

Conscious Living, Plant and Gift Store


35, Cathedral Avenue, Geraldton WA


0493 991 559

Tue - Fri, 9.30am - 2.3pm
Saturday, 10am - 1pm

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